Rush Training was developed with the view of providing excellent fitness and health advice from a variety of sources and experience, through many different platforms.We have over 30 years of combined personal training and fitness knowledge to help anyone who wishes to move from A to B in their current fitness path. The media we use is a mixture of online blog and articles, online video, one-to-one personal training and one-to-many group training.


The main ethos of the Rush Training experience is that fitness and health is not always about competing with the other person (through we acknowledge this is sometimes going to be the case), it is about competing with yourself and your current fitness goal.


Goal setting, goal evaluating and goal re-setting is of number one importance to the success of our programs and service. The commitment to a goal you are setting for yourself and the importance you put on it, will determine the eventual outcome of that goal. We aim to help you with these goals and set out effective tailored strategies on how to achieve them.


Behavior change is another key aspect of our ethos and is greatly involved in the way we will aim to get the fitness message across to you. Everybody knows the difference between sitting in front of the TV and going for a walk or run, between a chocolate bar and a banana or between a fast food hamburger and a lean steak. But, when the choice is in front of you, which one would you choose…if it is the former, then we have more ways than one to help your choices. If it is the latter, then we can help you sustain or enhance that choice if you so wish.


Feedback is always welcome, both positive and developmental so please feel free to comment as this will only improve our service.


To start your Personal Training experience with Rush Training, visit our Personal Training section to find out where we are and what it is all about.


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